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Melissa's complaint against npower

Melissa Evans


[RESOLVED] - Npower, incompetence off the chart

Complaint against npower

Our troubles began when npowers system began to take the wrong direct debit payments. Basically, we had a direct debit set up at £50 per month to cover just the gas usage in a two bedroom flat which should have left us at the end of the year fairly comfortably in credit. The system failed to take the payments even though there was a direct debit in place and therefore unbeknownst to us we were creating a large debt over the year. We moved from the flat about 18 months after we had opened the account into a house and closed the account in order to open a new account with them in my name (the flats account was in my partners name) We were charged a final bill which was about £27 and nothing more was said. Two years passed with no incident, we had decided to set up our energy accounts with OVO when we had moved as they were cheaper. Anyhow, Two years with no contact from npower we got a final demand letter to our new address for over a thousand pounds that we apparently owed npower. We disputed it and they agreed to reduce the amount we owed by about half leaving us with a £600 bill. We decided after much cajoling and bullying from npower with court threats that we would just pay the bill even though it hadn't been explained properly as to why we owed the money. We started a payment plan which was always paid every four weeks as I am paid weekly, and my partner is paid four weekly. Like I say we never missed any payments but continued to receive threats from npower for non payments. Every time I contacted them they said it must be the system and to ignore the letters because they could see that the payments were in fact being received by them. Eventually after many phone calls (at least thirty) they finally stopped and we assumed that the system had been fixed. Two months after making months or regular repayments we received a solicitors letter from npowers solicitors demanding we pay the full outstanding amount in two weeks or face court proceedings. We have now been caused so much stress by this company I have become nervous of receiving any mail even though I am in no other debts with other companys. I am writing this because I am now infuriated that npower ( whose fault it was in the first place that we ended up in debt) have treated us so abhorently! I hope people read this and realise how crooked this company is and steer clear of it. Pick anybody but them, they are incompetent bullies and they have quite literally made me sick and tired of them as I have had to take time off work with anxiety thanks to their cruel and abhorrent treatment of its customers.

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npower resolved this complaint

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Melissa Evans | | VERIFIED

Thanks to the hard work of the lovely people at a spokesman said, my partner and I can finally rest easy after such a long while of harassment and stress caused by Npower. Thank you very much, we are forever grateful. :)
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