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Lauren's complaint against npower

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Npower energy complaint

Complaint against npower

My partner and I moved into our property in January 2014. We continued to stay with tthe previous owners energy company n power as we felt this was most convenient at the time. We were arranged by directt debit that we would pay £99 per month for gas and electricity services for a 2 bed cottage. We did not know this was over costed as we were nieve into the costing at the time. We were fine until our payment in August 2014, when I went to my local supermarket to do our weekly shop, where our joint account was declined. I paid on a credit card as I had no option but to and arrived home to question the account with my partner. We went through our account and spotted that a payment for £640 had been automatically taken out of our account by Npower. We received no notification from Npower via writing or email/telephone call. We immediately contacted Npower on my mobile to complain, where we were requested to cancel our direct debits until further notice and requested from our bank, Santander, to reverse the charge. This was done however we were charged for going over our over draft. We then proceeded to have a lengthy to and fro with the customer services department at n power. After a few months they had decided it was us that had provided an incorrect meter reading in around April 2014, which simply needed to be removed from our file. They proceeded to arrange for an external company to read our meter, one arrived in September and this failed to reach Npower, October was reached only when we processed the reading ourselves and a third one in 2015 we have provided our accurate readings accordingly and there has been no change. I wrote to the energy ombudsman in February / March 2015 and received a reply from Npower referring us to the executive complaints department. We were placed in contact with a lady called Stephanie who seemed to know what the issue was. She Almost had a go at us for not paying anything despite being assured by various members oft he Npower customer service team not to pay anything until the issue has been resolved. We requested from her a reasonable amount to pay, to which she replied hat she could not confirm, we have therefore held on payments until someone can accurately direct us to a reasonable monthly payment. Since April we have received no contact from Npower executive complaints and received an automated letter in April stating that the issue has been on going for 8 weeks and that we should forward ourselves to the energy umbundsman, I requested to Stephanie that the letter was withdrawn and an apology made as this information was incorrect as te issue has been going on since August 2014. I have chased Npower executive complaints on a weekly basis since this letter and have no received any responses whatsoever. Myself and my partner are stressed, worried and concerned at the amount of time it has taken us to resolve this issue. We are now in debt to this company and have previously been hounded with calls from debt collection companies saying we owe them money. These have stopped since we were put in touch with executive complaints. We are still in debt to Npower and we are unable to move energy companies as we are seen as in debt. This is I am assuming also affecting our credit rating which will have a bigger financial impact on us in the future. Please help us.

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