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Jeffrey's complaint against npower

Jeffrey Bell


Two years of wrong Bills due to not recognising they changed Gas Mater

Complaint against npower

Despite my making my own informed calculation of payment for energy (£245 per month for duel fuel for a 3 bed terraced home) Npower have sent no less than 7 debt recovery agencies to attempt to force me to pay inaccurate and overstated billing. They have been informed that the household contains vulnerable children and one vulnerable adult and at least one of their collection agents has paid compensation for incoreectly harrassing my family and myself for payments not due. Once these agents are given the full story they withdraw and refer back to Npower who simply instrict a new agent. Npower have been sent numerous e-mails (to 'executive complaints') explaining their bills are inaccurate and their debt recovery actions are unlawful because they refuse to recognise the correct meter reading from the gas meter (because they replaced the meter two years) ago but failed to update their system so the gas reading appears to be substantially lower than previous readings (impossible unless a different meter - WHICH IT IS) This has been going on for two years but Npower refuse to acknowledge or correct even after their own meter agent (subcontractor again) visited and personally checked both Gas and Electric meter readings. Also I have sent photograohs of the meter all to no avail. NPower routinely break the rules on debt collection and threaten unfair ann unlawful legal action against a family they know to have vulnerable people.

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