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Patrina's complaint against Green Star Energy

Patrina Walkden



Complaint against Green Star Energy

This Company are a joke, I left Green star in May, I had paid my bill monthly direct debit,each month I rung them just to make sure my bill were covered, as you do so I was paying the right amount to cover. When I decided to leave Green star energy, they sent me a bill of 161.51. I wasn't impressed at all, rung them up explained to them that they said my direct debit would cover each month, only to receive a leaving bill of 161.50, I went to the review site and Im not the only one they have done this too, so I also have put a review o. Stating the same. This is the first time this has been done to me by an energy Company. Then when I left, they sent me yet another FINAL BILL,) of 193.00, when I had left green energy, instead of the last FINAL BILL OF 161.51. JOKE OR WHAT?... so I'm now paying this company and my new supplier, I gave no choice, through no fault of my own, In green energy saying I'm paying enough each month to cover my bill, of 60.00 obviously NOT!.. Then since leaving in May, I've been struggling with green energy in how to pay the bill, in which I said I will pay 30.00 per month, what a nightmare!! After half a dozen complaints, today I have rung them, as I recieved a letter saying I'm seriously over due!! When they had already sent me a payment card out, last month to pay this. I paid the first payment 19thof September. Do I spoke to them told them I will pay each month of 30.00pounds until the bill of 161.50 gas been. Completely paid as stated as my final bill. Which I have kept, ready to send them a copy, If they say my 2nd. Final bill is 193.00which is not. I HAVE MY FINAL BILL IN BLACK AND WHITE, AND THAT'S WHAT I WILL PAY, AS STATED AS SENT, NOT ANOTHER BILL WHEN I HAVE LEFT THE COMPANY!. what a nightmare of a company, they have put me owing this money through no fault of my own., and I've explained till I'm blue in the face.. Also the communication is not good.. I find my self repeating all. My Experience with green Star energy, To the public, read their reviews first!! A lot are the same as mine, Your left with a high bill when you come to leave this Company! A lot of reviews say this, through no fault of your own, not good at all, but thats their service to you..

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Hi Patrina, Please accept my apologies for the service that you have received over the last couple of months. I will be looking into this for you now so that I can find out what has happened on the account. Can you please email me at [email protected] Thank You Carl
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