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Jill's complaint against Green Star Energy

Jill Levack


[LAPSED] Aggressive & illegal selling, especuallt to the elderly.

Complaint against Green Star Energy

Neighbours cold called & persistent aggressive selling took place. Neighbour wanted to discuss with husband. Rang back next day, after discussion, reiterated absolute refusal to change suppliers. Employee badgered lady, refusing to take no for an answer, repeatedly asked for meter serial number. Handed phone to husband, who pointed out their age & resolutely refused any change. Whilst on holiday, letter received welcoming them to Green Star!!!! Their name, my flat number.... I receive letter from my supplier 'sorry that you are leaving' - except , mid April I had chosen to remain... Green Star Energy had illegally obtained details of my meter & supplier & cancelled my account!!! Have emailed chief exec, and will be informing Energy Ombudsman, Age Uk, police, local ; national papers as all of this is totally unnacceptable in every way.

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Lapsed. Jill has not responded in 90 days

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Greenstar Energy | | VERIFIED

Hi Jill, i am sorry to hear this. Please provide the account number in question, and i will look into this as a matter of urgency. This is not how we wish to sell to our customers, and i will be providing feedback for any concerns once i have investigated into this sale. Best, AS.

Jill Levack | | VERIFIED

With the severity & illegality of the company's actions, staring a reply with Hi Jill is far from acceptable Letter I is always upper case when referring to the first person, sloppy English is indefensible. See also the sentence "......once I have investigated INTO this sale" - superfluous 'into'. The spurious account number assigned to Mr & Mrs Brown is 0005379649. Who is AS? M/F? Position? ,

Greenstar Energy | | VERIFIED

Hi Mrs Levack, our complaints team have sent you an email, if you could please respond to this email they will be able to assist you further. AS does not wish to disclose his name on social media however he has sent you an email which contains his full name. Thank you, MA
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