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Janette's complaint against Green Star Energy

Janette Fullerton-Draper


Awful customer service - really rude and quite distressing

Complaint against Green Star Energy

Joined them in July but havent received anything from them in terms of bills, meter readings (apart from the initial one) so called their customer service line this morning. The guy who answered the phone started screaming - yes not even shouting but screaming to say that I hadnt provided a meter reading but they have never asked for one! Apart from a welcome pack Ive never received anything off them. I asked to be put through to a manager and so he put the phone down on me. I'm absolutely appalled at their behaviour. Its really upsetting and I would recommend that you stick with one of the bigger well know brands but Im frightened now that I own=e a massive bill

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Norman Thornton | | VERIFIED

Does this website pass on the complaints to Green Star, I have not found a single complaint they have responded to, something wrong here.....
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