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Helen's complaint against Green Star Energy

Helen Lord


Chasing my deceased mother

Complaint against Green Star Energy

I would wholly recommend people do not use this company, they may offer great deals but any issues whatsoever and their customer care is appalling. My elderly mother died in April about 4 months after switching to this company, we notified them of this and to halt any further correspondence and a what happens next. Her last d/d of £55 a month was paid in May despite her being in hospital for a full month prior to this and her house stood empty. So unbelievably I was sent another bill for £20 just weeks later along with a horror of a letter addressed to my mother with deceased written next to it despite them requesting my details as executor. Upsetting isn't the word, the letter went into one about her her account was overdue, failure to pay blah blah bald and rounded off with a peptalk on how to not get into debt by setting up a d/d. Thoroughly upset by this, i ignored at first, just e-mailed them asking for an explanation when house was empty as busy with funeral arrangements, but they continued with debt collectors, my emails went unanswered until my friend called them for me, i might they discussed my mum's account without asking who she was, data protection act clearly means nothing - im going to pay them their £20 because frankly its worth it to get them off my back and never hear from them again. All other utility and domestic bills I had to call for my mum were fantastic to deal with except Green star, be warned and be very vary....

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