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jeff's complaint against Green Star Energy

jeff donaldson


[LAPSED] Erroneous transfer disputed

Complaint against Green Star Energy

With First Utility on fixed tariff until next year. No intention of changing supplier. Got an email from First Utility on the 7th November saying they were sorry I was switching supplier. Immediately rang to say I had made no such request and was told that I had asked to be switched to Pioneer (Green Star Energy). Said this was nonsense, as I had never even heard of them. First Utility suggested I contact Pioneer (Green Star) explaining the position. Rang Green Star and spoke to a useless individual who would give me no information (quoted consumer protection) Subsequently, sent an email to Green Star Customer Service. I told them I had never previously heard of them, contacted them, or received any communication from them whatsoever. Message Ignored. Meanwhile First Utility continued to send me messages about my leaving them. Rang First Utility again and was informed that the transfer was going through and it was too late to revoke this. However, they said that if an erroneous transfer had taken place they would arrange to take back my account as soon as possible. Two days ago I had an e mall from First Utility saying that they were contacting Green Star about the erroneous transfer. Today I received a message from them saying that Green Star were denying an erroneous transfer had taken place. They said that I would be billed by the new company and that it might not be possible for them to take my account back. Spoke to Ombudsman who advised me to contact Green Star yet again. Waiting, probably in vain, for them to deign to reply.. Am now with a company who I have never heard of, never contacted or had contact from. Absolutely hate the idea of being an unwitting customer of such an organisation. Have wasted hours of time on this matter and my opinion of Green Energy and their so called Customer Service is unprintable.

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Lapsed. jeff has not responded in 90 days

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Hi Jeff, has this situation been resolved? if not, please email the team at [email protected] and one of the team will review for you. Best, SB
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