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Tahir's complaint against Green Star Energy

Tahir Raja


[LAPSED] Final bill sent 5 months after my contract expired

Complaint against Green Star Energy

I was sent a final bill of £1454.93 for usage upto December 2019 even tho my contract expired and I switched supplier in August 2019. How? Also the whole off October I was on holiday out of this country so no energy would have been used. They are ripping me off and will not be getting a penny out of me.

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Lapsed. Tahir has not responded in 90 days

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Greenstar Energy | | VERIFIED

Good morning Tahir, I am sorry you've been kept waiting on this. Additionally I am sorry for any confusion regarding your billing, I can assure we will be keen to make sure this matter is resolved for you. To do so, can I ask if you'd like to contact us over Facebook or Twitter, we can submit your meter readings for you. Kind regards, Leigh

Tahir Raja | | VERIFIED

Ive done this already and have been told it wilo cost me more now as its January 2020 and not August 2019 so meter readings will be wrong. I am being made to pay £1454.93 or being threatened with legal action by Green Star

Greenstar Energy | | VERIFIED

Hi there Tahir, of course from the sound of things we need to ensure that clarity for this situation is provided to you for peace of mind. From your post I appreciate this has already been done however just so we can look into the matter further contact us over Facebook or Twitter, Kind regards, Leigh
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