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John's complaint against Green Star Energy

John Tomalin


Green Star - 6-8 weeks to provide a final bill and refund your money!

Complaint against Green Star Energy

To be fair, my set up was reasonably painless but trying to switch away from them has not been as painless. They sent me a letter to say process of producing final bill & refunding overpayment would take 6-8 weeks! They wanted me to continue direct debit payments to them in the meantime, although I am already £411 in credit and final 2 month bill should be <£220. I am also paying a direct debit to the new supplier.Veiled threat in letter that cancelling the direct debit could result in higher charges (incorrect, as my 12 month contract had ended). Telephoned for explanation for time required to close account. They blamed it on meter reading not received. New supplier says sent a month ago, so GS now blame it on procedures required to close! OFGEM will take up case if o/s 8 weeks or more. Strange that GS target is also 8 weeks!

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Norman Thornton | | VERIFIED

Have you noticed under each Complaint is the statement Green Star has not responded! experienced that before?
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