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Timothy's complaint against Green Star Energy

Timothy Joyce


[LAPSED] Non payment of refund

Complaint against Green Star Energy

Following a switch from Green Star to bulb last September I have had nothing but problems . First they refused to allow my switch to gas even though I had never failed to pay a bill and was in credit. When they finally allowed the switch in October I was in credit over £130. I have made calls in December, January, February, March and April to be told each time that the money would be returned within ‘two weeks’. I have now escalated a complaint but feel this is so wrong. I am a pensioner living on a budget. I have never been in arrears or failed to pay my bills. If I owed them money for six months I would have the bailiffs at my door and would be cut off. As it is I have lost interest on this money as well as spending several hours on the phone wasting my time.

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Lapsed. Timothy has not responded in 90 days

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Norman Thornton | | VERIFIED

Ask for all your personal data, including without exception, correspondence, e-mails, call recordings, file notes and annotations, statements, annual summaries (if you get them) Get that lot and you will get the evidence plus make them do something. Go to the Information Commissioner's web site to get a pro forma request form, and keep a note of when you send it, there is a strict time frame.

Greenstar Energy | | VERIFIED

Good morning, I do apologise you've been kept waiting so long on this. I understand it is now likely that your issue faced here has been resolved however if you have anything outstanding regarding your account with Green Star Energy, please do not hesitate to get in touch over Facebook or Twitter and we'll be happy to assist with this right away. Kind regards, Phil
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