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Timothy's complaint against Green Star Energy

Timothy Joyce


Non payment of refund

Complaint against Green Star Energy

Following a switch from Green Star to bulb last September I have had nothing but problems . First they refused to allow my switch to gas even though I had never failed to pay a bill and was in credit. When they finally allowed the switch in October I was in credit over £130. I have made calls in December, January, February, March and April to be told each time that the money would be returned within ‘two weeks’. I have now escalated a complaint but feel this is so wrong. I am a pensioner living on a budget. I have never been in arrears or failed to pay my bills. If I owed them money for six months I would have the bailiffs at my door and would be cut off. As it is I have lost interest on this money as well as spending several hours on the phone wasting my time.

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