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Joaquin's complaint against Green Star Energy

Joaquin Singer


[LAPSED] Outrageous Initial Reading Estimate - HORRIBLE RESOLUTION

Complaint against Green Star Energy

I moved with them 5 months ago and provided them with an initial reading. They confirmed they received it, however a month later I receive a bill from my previous energy company NPOWER billing me for over GBP60 what I would normally pay. After several calls with both NPOWER and Greenstar, and months down the track, I found out that they never recorded my initial reading and they provided NPOWER a ridiculously high initial reading. When I complained, Greenstar terminated my account and sent me an estimated final reading 6x times even higher than my normal consumption. And to make matters worse, THEY BILLED ME for early termination! (which I did not agree on). In only 2 months of being with them they costed me over 10 calls of at least 30 mins and billed me, in two months, over what I consume in a year! They terminated me a month ago, and I am still phoning them for my refund.

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Lapsed. Joaquin has not responded in 90 days

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Greenstar Energy | | VERIFIED

Good afternoon, I do apologise you've been kept waiting so long on this. I understand it is now likely that your issue faced here has been resolved however if you have anything outstanding regarding your account with Green Star Energy, please do not hesitate to get in touch over Facebook or Twitter and we'll be happy to assist with this right away. Kind regards, Phil
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