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earlene's complaint against Green Star Energy

earlene murrell


[LAPSED] quoted a price before exp. date now being charged higher price

Complaint against Green Star Energy

This has been going on since the beginning of April 2017. When I phoned Green Star to renew and for their lowest tarrif I was quoted £23 plus a month. I then received two letters saying they will be deducting £25 plus each month. I want to know why I am being charged at the old rate still and why was this not pointed out when I contacted them on 10 April

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Lapsed. earlene has not responded in 90 days

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Greenstar Energy | | VERIFIED

Hi Earlene, i can see that you are on the 1704 tariff which commenced as of your renewal date 13/04/2017. The Direct Debit amount has changed to £22.34, which commenced as of May 2017. The payment of £25.48 was already debited prior to the tariff change and review of the costs for that tariff. I apologise for any inconvenience caused. Best, AS.

earlene murrell | | VERIFIED

First of all, I wish you would not address me by my first name, we do not know each other. I renewed before 13th so should NOT have been charged £25. What happens now to the £25 that was debited? Also what do these mean? 1704 tarrif 2603 - what is the difference? If I had not pointed this out would you have gone on to charge me £25 plus a month. This should have been pointed out on 10/4

earlene murrell | | VERIFIED

AS, just checked again what do these mean: gas 2603 Elec 2603 Elec1611 Gas 1701 so by being on 1704 what is this? and to think I called before the renewal date

Greenstar Energy | | VERIFIED

You renewed your contract on the 10 April 2017, however your Direct Debit payments are scheduled to be debited on the 1st of every month. Therefore, the £2548 was already scheduled to be debited before you contacted us on the 10 April 2017 to renew your tariff. The Direct Debit was changed on the the same day (10 April 2017) to £22.34 based on the 1704 prices. Best, AS.

earlene murrell | | VERIFIED

AS, just checked again what do these mean: gas 2603 Elec 2603 Elec1611 Gas 1701 so by being on 1704 what what does this mean?

Greenstar Energy | | VERIFIED

The numbers after each fuel name, is the product name. You are on the gas and elec 1704 tariff. This is the product name. Best, AS.

earlene murrell | | VERIFIED

I am aware of the "product" i am on. What I am trying to find out is do they relate to and tell me if I am on the cheapest fuel. Also I tried calling your company yesterday and this morning and was constantly told your are busy. I would be helpful if we could be told where we are in the queue so that my time is not wasted hanging on. MY QUESTION: my latest I received a statement and is sho

earlene murrell | | VERIFIED

statement said read 17 Feb 2-17. I would like to know how you got that reading. I could not send an email to your customer Serv as it said it has been disallowed. I tried again and got this message: "could not perform this operation because the default mail client is not properly installed" Thank you

Greenstar Energy | | VERIFIED

The only product that relates to you is the 1704. The previous tariff you were on was the 2603. The 1704 is the cheapest tariff we have available, so you are on the best tariff. The 17/02/2017 readings were provided by a meter reader who read your meters that day. Best, AS.
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