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melvyn's complaint against Green Star Energy

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refund of over payment on ending of contract

Complaint against Green Star Energy

Since ending my contract with Greenstarenergy in November 2017 They have not refunded the over payment from my account which was for £70.42. they kept telling me that it had been paid into my account and also that I hadn't given them a final reading on my gas supply (this was incorrect as it was done on the day I left plus the other company I have gone with also sent them a meter reading)After several attempts of trying to get an answer I took out a court order on them for a total of £155.42 on the 20th February upon which I received a phone call saying that the amount would be paid into my account by midnight that day but this has never happened as they say it can take up to 5 working days to show up on my bank statement, but they also said they had paid it into a previous bank by mistake again which wasn't true. Again after several phone calls and checking my new bank detail they said that it was paid in on the 5th March. Still hasn't arrived, have also sent copy of bank statement to prove it. so waiting for their reply.

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