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Nicola's complaint against Green Star Energy

Nicola Paice


[LAPSED] Rude and holding far too much credit

Complaint against Green Star Energy

Customer service is appalling and at times just downright rude. Have been waiting months for my final bill whilst my account is £1,600 in credit . Rediculously high amount to hold on account and had to stop my direct debits or they would of continued to collect more money. When I asked customer services when I would get my money back , I was told that " by the time my final bill was calculated I wouldn't be in credit " and when I said that I highly doubted my final bill would be that high I was told " well we will have to wait and see won't we " in a rude and condescending manner . I have never had to wait so long for a final bill and when I finally get it how much longer will I then have to wait for reimbursement? Quite a long time I'm guessing , judging by current standards.

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Lapsed. Nicola has not responded in 90 days

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Norman Thornton | | VERIFIED

With other suppliers you run up a debit in winter offset by credit in summer when you use less. Except GreenStar keeps themselves in credit. Multiply that by 300,000 customers and they are quids in. Sounds familiar? [email protected]

Greenstar Energy | | VERIFIED

Good morning, I do apologise you've been kept waiting so long on this. I understand it is now likely that your issue faced here has been resolved however if you have anything outstanding regarding your account with Green Star Energy, please do not hesitate to get in touch over Facebook or Twitter and we'll be happy to assist with this right away. Kind regards, Phil
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