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Mrs Wendy Van's complaint against Green Star Energy

Mrs Wendy Van Spall


September -November Electricity readings under estimated which produced a bill £200 less than actual

Complaint against Green Star Energy

I have yet to be given an explanation or apology why an email was sent to me 7th December 2015 asking me to provide my meter readings & despite my meter being read by a meter reader 3 days later, my electricity readings were estimated on 1st December 2015.I was told that my readings were never received.My Gas readings however were.My current bill is consequently £200 higher.I have been stone walled by every member of staff I have spoken to.Having not had a reply from my complaint to Green Star, I was told quite candidly that they have a backlog of 5000 emails.As the bill was so large,on one of my many calls it was decided to split the bill into 3 monthly payments.Still no apology.I have borrowed the money from a friend to pay the bill in full as I could not bear to stay with them a further 3 months.When I joined them in March 2015 they were very efficient but I noticed that the calls were taking up to 45 mins to be answered later on in the year.It seems that they have now out sourced and calls are answered quickly but the team seam unable to get to the route of complaints.Their practice is to ask for meter readings then estimate them??

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