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Elizabeth's complaint against Green Star Energy

Elizabeth Pickering


[LAPSED] Shambolic Customer Care

Complaint against Green Star Energy

After being 11 months with the company I a paper bill staing that I was in arrears by £250. After contacting them they assured me that they would look into the problem and call back after repeated calls to them nothing was done and the promises of new bills being raised and disregard previous estimated usage , I monitered the meter readings for a week and rang again and submitted to them . Still no reply so I continued to monitor the readings on a daily basis and after converting the m 3 formula to convert the gas usage to Kwh realised that they were charging me double of the usage. Contacting them again the agent looked at my account and stated that nothing had been done and instead of the meter reading being four digits was showing five digits so he removed and made the readings correct and said a new bill was on the way and arrive the next day, still nothing happened. After a few days rang again and the agent said it was down to the Royal Mail up till now still no revised bill or letter during one conversation with one of the agents he advised me to move my account to another provider and that is what I have done . I have never been in any debt before and was paying £77 per month . No one takes any resposibility or makes any decision they just make excuses hoping you will just pay and go away. They also said it is our responsibility to manage our accounts and they do not have time to monitor accounts if the usage is higher than estimated even though we had our meter read regularly. After a year of taking my money and then owing more is quite a shock and left me devastated. I am retired and in my seventies and never had to deal with anything like this before and for a month now has been constantly on my mind and still not resolved

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Lapsed. Elizabeth has not responded in 90 days

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Hi Elizabeth, I am sorry for the delay in getting back to you regarding this. Can you please email me on [email protected] so that I can take a more detailed look into this and resolve the issue for you? Once again I would like to apologise for the service that you have received and I will investigate this for you. Carl
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