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Helen's complaint against Green Star Energy

Helen Lord


[LAPSED] So upset at the handling of my deceased mothers bill

Complaint against Green Star Energy

My mother died, every utility company I dealt with has been exceptional to deal with except this awful company Green Star. My mother paid £55 a month and was permanently at home. Shortly after her death we informed Green Star, they'd already had 1 months payment whilst she was hospitalised even tho her house was empty, After notifying them of her death and my details as executor I was then sent another £20 bill, i questioned this considering her house was empty. Ages before I got a response which was only because my friend called them up gave final readings which hadn't changed since my mum had been in hospital and died (incidently Data Protection means nothing to this company as they freely discussed my deceased mum's account with my friend without ever asking her who she was). In the end after several bills warning me I was overdue I decided to just pay the £20 to be done with them. I then had an email requesting transferral detaiks of the buyers of my Mums house, advised them I'd not be recommending them to anyone ever. Further to this they've now sent me yet another bill this time for a new amount of £85 !! I'm gobsmacked and completely upset at this , there's no explanation as to a massive £65 increase apart from some reference to a £30 "early exit fee" on each of her gas and elec - so am i to assume this company charges people if they leave them, penalisation in death ?! This company ought to be ashamed of its handling of a deceased death.

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Hi Helen Please accept my apologies for the time that it has taken us to respond to the above comments. I am sorry for the loss of your mother. this is not the way we want to handle these situations as this is an extremely difficult time for you. Can you email us at: [email protected] so that we can look into this further for you? Thank You Carl
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