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Moira's complaint against Green Star Energy

Moira Baker


[LAPSED] Switching from Green Star

Complaint against Green Star Energy

I switched from Green Star to Avro around september. Had no problem with Green Star up until this point. But to be honest, both suppliers have been equally unhelpful. When trying to get my final bill from Green Star I gave both parties the meter readings, in fact a selection. These then bore no resemblance to the readings they used for my final bill. Having had a credit of £92 when I switched, even allowing for the period of transfer (so I stopped my direct debit) they reconciled the account going back 2 years making the statement incomprehensible. The chap I spoke to agreed. Also compared the bill to the same period the previous year, my consumption appeared to have more than doubled when I am quite frugal so highly unlikely to be correct. I then get emails saying please supply 2 sets of readings followed by another email saying that it is Avro's business to supply readings! Avro are no better as they suggest that Green Star need to do so! I am definitely losing the plot with both of them. I doubt they have the sense to talk to each other!!! I feel like a ping pong.

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Lapsed. Moira has not responded in 90 days

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Greenstar Energy | | VERIFIED

Good afternoon, I do apologise you've been kept waiting so long on this. I understand it is now likely that your issue faced here has been resolved however if you have anything outstanding regarding your account with Green Star Energy, please do not hesitate to get in touch over Facebook or Twitter and we'll be happy to assist with this right away. Kind regards, Phil

Moira Baker | | VERIFIED

Referred to ombudsman. You claimed there were errors by you in my bills going back the full 2 years so the ombudsman said they were unable to side with me. These errors apparently only materialised when i told them i was leaving. Funny that. I do these calculations in my line of work so to go from credit of about £90 to owing you £250 when it was summer and low consumption anyway beggars belief.

Greenstar Energy | | VERIFIED

I am sorry for the frustration caused here and that it took so long to be resolved. As this has now been concluded by the Energy Ombudsman, we're unable to pursue this any further. I do apologise for the inconvenience that has been caused here. Thanks, Phil
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