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Jo's complaint against Green Star Energy

Jo Hall


[LAPSED] The Most Shocking Service I have ever experienced.

Complaint against Green Star Energy

I have never received such bad customer service and service than Green Star Energy. I moved into a rental flat in April 2018, I contacted them to set up a direct debit and account. I was told I would receive a letter, I never received a letter, I chased this up in July, I provided direct debit details and set a monthly amount, nothing came out of my account, I chased again in September to be told I owed a large amount - of course I did, I've been trying to pay them for months. I set up a payment plan to pay off the debt and a monthly amount, they only took out the payment plan amount which led to me calling them AGAIN in December. My bill was now apparently £528. I asked them why they had not been taking out direct debit payments but payment plan payments, the young man on the phone said he didn't know but didn't try and find out. When i suggested I would be leaving them he said "I don't blame you". I have had an email from them about changing my direct debit amount, I have emailed a complaint and had absolutely no reply. I am so frustrated as I won't be able to pay the full amount but need to change energy companies. I'm at the end of my tether. This company is the WORST I have ever dealt with. In the September when I called,I said I wanted to make a complaint. Someone called me back and offered to take £10 off my bill. What an absolute JOKE.

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Good afternoon Jo, I am sorry for the service and experience you received here from Green Star Energy and I understand this has resulted in you switching to a new supplier. If there is anything outstanding regarding this that I can help with, please do contact us over Facebook or Twitter. Kind regards, Phil Green Star Energy
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