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malcolm's complaint against Green Star Energy

malcolm roberts


[LAPSED] This energy company fails to respond to complaints

Complaint against Green Star Energy

Last year my meter (a digital one) failed (blank screen). I emailed Greenstarenergy and got an automatic response. Subsequently nothing. I phone and asked them when they would respond - they promised to respond in something like a week - nothing. I sent a recorded letter. This prompted an email saying don't worry digital meters show 0000 in the screen that is normal. I then began the complaint procedure (which I should have done following their lack of response to my phone call). I got to stage 3! Then they simply emailed to say they would fit a new meter - no apology. They did fit the meter and I promptly switched suppliers. I emailed them final readings and they replied saying it would take 4 - 6 weeks to get the readings from the new supplier and settle the final account. It has been four months and I have heard nothing (I suspect because they owe me money). I have therefore started another stage one complaint. If you are with this company I would leave if I were you (start by cancelling your direct debit so you owe them money). If you are not with them I would suggest you don't switch to them.

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Lapsed. malcolm has not responded in 90 days

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Greenstar Energy | | VERIFIED

Hi Malcolm, i am sorry about the experience. Have you since contacted Green Star Energy and has the issue been resolved? If not, please provide your account number and i will look into this for you. Best, AS

malcolm roberts | | VERIFIED

Typical. You have my name - why should I be the one to look up your reference number for me (or have you a list of malcolm roberts that you have failed to replace a meter with?) - I have now had a final bill demanding payment of balance in 14 days - so I have to comply with your timescales but you don't have to comply with ones you set yourselves.

Greenstar Energy | | VERIFIED

Hi Malcolm, We hold other customers, with the same name as you. To ensure we are discussing the correct account, we would need you to confirm your account number. Please could you email [email protected] so we can support you with your above query. Many thanks, CR
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