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Carol's complaint against Green Star Energy

Carol Beevers


[LAPSED] Threatening me with bailiffs over bill already paid.

Complaint against Green Star Energy

For 40 years, we lived in one house, paid bills, no problems. We moved a year ago, so didn't set up direct debit until we found out what the bills were going to be (never had gas or central heating before). Everything seemed OK, I paid the bills generally online, but couldn't get into the site in June to pay the Spring bill, so I paid it, using their Giro slip from the paper bill, at our bank. We got a couple of reminders just afte rthat, but they said the usual, 'if you've paid the bill recently ignore this letter'. When the next bill turned up last month, they'd included the amount of my Spring bill, so I paid the balance and sent them an email to remind them that the previous bill had been paid in full in July. No more was heard until yesterday, when a letter had been pushed through our letterbox - seems someone had come to our house to take goods from us to the value of the amount we'd paid in July - £347.37 and threatening to call again. Fortunately, I have proof that I've paid, but I'm very annoyed that some person from some company I've never heard of is turning up at my door demanding to steal goods from my property! I know this is illegal, but many elderly people could so easily be bullied into being robbed in this way. As soon as I get an apology from this company, I will be moving companies!

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Lapsed. Carol has not responded in 90 days

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Hi Carol, Please accept my apologies for the time that it has taken us to respond to the above comments. Can you email us at: [email protected] so that we can look into this further for you? Thank You Carl
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