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Rebeka's complaint against Green Star Energy

Rebeka Knight


[LAPSED] Wrongly billed have been waiting since June for a correct bill

Complaint against Green Star Energy

DISGUSTING company and customer service! We moved house in June and have been waiting for a detailed bill that is correct to be sent to us.The original bill was over £1000 despite paying our monthly direct debits, the bill we had been sent did not relate to anything we had previously seen or been told (after a customer service advisor telling us it would be just over £500). We then rang and spoke to numerous advisors about the issue who each time seemed to have no record of our previous interaction with the company, they were rude and when I finally got through to a lady called Laura she went through it with me. They had added our estimated bills on to our actual bill which was calculated once we had given the final meter reading. After a long phone call Laura seemed to understand and advised the account was being put on hold whilst they looked into it. I explained that all I wanted was a broken down bill. Weeks of chasing this resulted in being told the same thing - our account was on hold. This was despite receiving letters from debt collection agencies! I contacted Green Star about this and they still advised that the account was on hold and they would put a stop to the letters. It took me three attempts at this phone call to actually get the letters to stop. As you can imagine, we are now at the point of dealing with managers only as the majority of their staff do not speak proper English nor understand the concept of customer satisfaction. I was therefore suprised when we started getting calls from the same non-English speaking advisors we had previously refused to deal with asking us to give them a call. They close at 18:00 and do not respond to emails it seems. On the weekend before I went to call them, I got this letter in the post: "I am sorry to hear you have been dissatisfied with the service we have provided......(general textbook apology)..." "As the change of tenancy was processed on your energy account the total outstanding balance based on the actual readings for 03.05.2016 is £1167.24. I have done a review of your account and confirmed that done of the bills generated were marked dirty, meaning the charges were accurate" It then goes on to say they are closing the complaint. GREEN STAR ENERGY - I WANT A BROKEN DOWN BILL AND AN ACTUAL EXPLANATION AS TO WHY IT HAS TAKEN THIS LONG TO WRITE A LETTER AS SIMPLE AND LAZY AS THE ABOVE. WHY SHOULD WE BELIEVE ANYTHING YOU NOW TELL US? YOU CANNOT PROVIDE ANY READINGS OR INFORMATION TO BACK THE BILLS UP NOR PROVIDE US WITH A BILL DETAILING EXACTLY HOW MUCH WE HAVE ALREADY PAID VIA DIRECT DEBITS AND WHAT THE METER READINGS AT THE START AND END OF OUR TENACY WERE?!

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Lapsed. Rebeka has not responded in 90 days

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Greenstar Energy | | VERIFIED

Hi Rebeka, i am sorry for the situation outlined above. If you are able to provide your account number, or email details to [email protected], i can get the situation reviewed for you. Best, SB
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