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Chris's complaint against Scottish Power

Chris Gage


'Final' bill arrives 9 months after closing account

Complaint against Scottish Power

In summer 2014 I contacted SP regarding my direct debit as payments were not being taken after agreeing a set monthly payment. After several communications they eventually came up with a payment of 5 times the initial monthly amount. I knew I had not racked up anywhere near the arrears estimated and challenged this. A number of phonecalls, emails and a complaint reference ensued and eventually I gave up trying to get any sense from them and switched accounts. Now, after nearly 10 months since my account was closed, they sent me an Estimated Final Bill and started hounding me for the money, by post, email, text and then phone, all within a week. I refused to pay and contacted the CS team, who informed me that a) they had meter readings on file and the bill was more than I had already been billed for (what was the point of sending me an 'estimated' final bill?) b) that my original outstanding complaint reference was closed along with my account and c) there was no point in opening another complaint as I was no longer their provider. Whilst it is true that I expected some form of final bill when I closed my account in Dec '14, what sticks in my craw is that I brought the matter to their attention in the first place and their ineptitude through the whole sorry saga should be punished. After this length of time and the hassle inbetween they should waive the outstanding charge of £137.

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Chris Gage | | VERIFIED

Contact with SP today and they are zeroing the account and charges - pleased but also slightly perturbed as the amount in question changed yet again, although they insist its all over and we can part friends - we'll see.
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