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LINDA's complaint against Scottish Power



15.02.17 £618.05 IN CREDIT - 01.05.17 £4605.17 IN DEBIT

Complaint against Scottish Power

We supplied actual meter readings for 02 January 2017 as 3562 for electricity and 19092 for gas.We were told that the actual meter reading for gas meter looked incorrect and was too high as compared to previous actual meter readings in their system.We were requested to send photos of both electricity and gas meters where serial meter number and meter readings were clearly showing, which we did. Both meters had been installed by eon on 25.11.2015. We changed to Scottish power on 25.01.2016. Following advice from Citizens Advice we requested a detailed written breakdown of our usage from 25.01.2016. We have to date still not been provided with this. Our complaint was logged with Scottish power on 21.02.2017 complaint reference number 8022659662.We were given a complaint tracker which did not work.At first we were told that they were experiencing technical problems and this was the reason why we could not track our complaint.On 17.04.2017 - bank holiday Monday- we received a telephone message and email from Emma Chadwick .She stated that the complaint was logged on the reference number for our previous boiler cover care and that was the reason why we were unable to view the complaint online.She also said that she would arrange for a gas meter OFMAT test. We now have a date for this - 05.05.17 a.m. Our debit is now £4605 from being in credit on 15.02.17.Our direct debit payment has remained at £76.34 each month. As you can appreciate the situation is causing a great deal of anxiety.Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Linda Carr

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