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Angela's complaint against Scottish Power

Angela Kilroy


After receiving a bill for over £4000 I had to spend 2 years querying it

Complaint against Scottish Power

In October 2015 I decided to move to a different provider for both my gas and electric, when the company contacted Scottish power they refused to let me transfer my electric as they said I owed over £4,000 in debt, (which was news to me) not only was I unable to leave, they then set my electricity tariff higher and added a £10.00 weekly charge to pay off the debt, I contacted them and managed to put a block on the charge as nobody could even tell me at this time why my debt was so high, especially since I had an electricity prepayment meter, after 2 years of having to phone them to block the charge while they investigated and some particularly rude customer service encounters, (one even openly calling me a liar) every time a new bill was issued, they finally told me that from 2005 to 2013 my electricity tariff had been set to low and I had to pay what was owed, even though the meter had been read and even replaced at one point and still nobody realised and corrected it,

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