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MR L's complaint against Scottish Power



been with Scottish Power since January still haven't received a gascard

Complaint against Scottish Power

Only just found out 3 week ago that my gas supplier was Scottish Power apparently I have been with them since January had no letters nothing saying my gas supplier was Scottish Power ever since I found out 3 weeks ago my gas supplier was Scottish Power only because I had to ring my old supplier if i hadn't of rang them still to this day I wouldn't of new my gas supplier was Scottish Power. they come out 3 weeks ago and put a Scottish Power metre in still waiting on a gas card keep ringing up still not getting any further forward I have got 2 children in the house aged 20 months and 3 years old and they no fine well everything in my house run's off gas I can't have a bath can't have a shower I can't cook their food and all is there doing when I'm ringing up is telling me some one is coming out witch I waited 48 hours on Thursday for engineer to come out the same again last night and all there doing is putting £5 emergency credit on the metres which it doesn't last 2 minutes and there just adding loads of debt to the metre which I have to pay back because of them cuz they can't send me a gas card out I don't understand why they can't send a gas card out and everytime I ring up there just lying to me telling me what I want to hear I want something done about this as my children are loaded with cold cold in the house all I want is a gas card. Thanks.

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