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Christopher's complaint against Scottish Power

Christopher Beasley


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Complaint against Scottish Power

I moved house on the 31.03.16 I cancelled my account with Scottish power as per agreement, as I was on a prepayment meter I thought this would be a simple process, but I keep receiving bills for over 1700 pounds which is ridiculous as stated I had a prepayment key and I had paid for all my electric, I have made endless phone calls, and was promised that this was an error and it had all been sorted, but now I have received about another 3 bills. When I try to ring and sort it out yet again, they keep me waiting on the line for ages then cut me off. They have told me 3 times or more that I do not owe this money, but keep sending me these bills, which is becoming very stressful. I was in my flat from May 2012 and paid for all my electric up to the day that I moved out. Hopefully someone can help me.they even stated that they knew that I had paid for all my electric as I used it.

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