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Mercedes's complaint against Scottish Power

Mercedes Damian


Broken gas meter box

Complaint against Scottish Power

I switched from SSE to Scottish power on 3 June 2019 via MoneyExpert. At the start of August 2019, I returned home from work to find that my gas meter box door was broken and hanging out. I took pictures and contacted Scottish power the following day to discuss this and assess whether they could help repair it. At the time, I had no idea that one of their employees had come to take readings the day the box was damaged. I discovered it when I was sent an email from them on 18 August 2019 advising that my latest energy bill/statement had been updated. When I looked at the bill, I discovered that someone had provided Scottish Power with meter readings on 2 August 2019, the day my gas meter box was broken... I then called them to complain on 29 August 2019 and the gentleman I spoke to that day, took down the complaint and advised me they would investigate and it might take them 3 to 4/5 days to come back to me. I called them today to get an update on my complaint and to my surprise was informed that the complaint was closed on 29 August 2019 after I had allegedly spoken to one of their employees and agreed to be given £20 in compensation. I was quite incensed upon hearing this as I had never had such a conversation. I checked my phone records and saw that they had actually called me twice on 30 August 2019 and I had missed their calls. I relayed this to the gentleman I was speaking with (who seemed reluctant to believe my account) and I had to insist that this shameful falsifying of information should be added to my previous complaint. I advised that not only had I not held any subsequent conversation with Scottish Power after my initial call to complain but moreover I would not have accepted the £20 offer which would not even cover the cost of replacing the gas meter let alone the labour costs of the person(s) who would undertake the replacement. Further, once more, when I returned home from work on 3 September 2019, once more, I found that someone had left my damaged gas box meter open and ripped off the tape I had had to use to hold it together. To say that I am appalled at the service I have received cannot express what I am feeling. I was promised they would call me back... What a disappointing experience to date! Mercedes Damian

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