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David's complaint against Scottish Power

David Cockburn


ET Come Home/Scottish Power Go Away

Complaint against Scottish Power

Scottish Power erroneously transferred (an "ET") my daughter's supply and cancelled her direct debit with her contracted supplier-all done wholly without her knowledge. Then they stayed totally quiet for 18 months-no welcome letter, no bills (monthly, quarterly or annual review), no actual readings or requests for readings, no tariff info. She thought her Direct debit plan with her contracted supplier was happily operating throughout and thought nothing of it. Then Scottish Power contacted her by way of a letter threatening her with registering a credit default and demanding 18 months of unpaid bills. In the complaints process, Scottish Power then "misstated" the legal/regulatory position and also advised her that she could not switch back until she paid her bills. Needless to say, their gas and electric bills were based wholly on their guesstimates and on the highest tariff rate that they had unilaterally applied to her account. After much battling and unpleasantness, Scottish Power has now handed the accounts back to the original supplier and expressed their apologies for any concern caused. Nevertheless, my daughter, who is on a low income, now has two years of energy bills to pay-all due to Scottish Power. To date, no offer of compensation has been offered by Scottish Power for such appalling mis-service, mistreatment and deep upset this had caused. Nor have there been any repercussions for their numerous breaches of several energy/consumer codes. In these environmentally sensitive times, I hate to think what these guys at Scottish Power are smoking?!

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