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Janet's complaint against Scottish Power

Janet Rigarlsford


Exhorbitant bill

Complaint against Scottish Power

SP told me I had to increase my direct debit currently at £70 to £205.25 pm which I cannot afford. They came back and offered £142.58 plus £11 over 5 years to repay my debt of £643 which is from 1 June to 15 December but I can't afford that amount either. On 16 October I was in hospital for a week having had a major operation and I when I came out I stayed with my sister for almost 7 weeks and she drove me over to my house once a week to collect mail, check emails and put the heating on for no more than 20 mins. I am a widow and OAP who suffers serious arthritis so have to keep warm. I have contacted the Energy Ombudsman who have logged my complaint. I also spoke to an energy efficient adviser who went through everything that I use on a daily basis and he cannot understand why I owe that amount of money. This problem is keeping me awake at night so a) I would like a smart meter installed as a matter or urgency and b) a full investigation of why my bill is so high as soon as possible please. Janet Rigarlsford AC No 16026684057

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