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mrs angela's complaint against Scottish Power

mrs angela glover


failure to turn up to five arranged appointments

Complaint against Scottish Power

This has been goingvon for nearley four months I requested for both my prepayment meters to be taken out has my circumstances have changed. They gave me two appointments on the same day they came and did the gas as planned nobody turned up to do the electric . I rang them and they made me another appointment for two weeks time . Yet again no engineer turned up. I rang up again and they made another appointment for two weeks time . Yet again nobody turned up . I rang up to complain yet agai and they got customer complaints to ring me they appologized and sent 30 pound comensation for every failed appointment an madecyet another appointment for two weeks time . Yes you guessed it nobody came . I rang again to complain to the complaints department an they sent another 30 pound missed appointment compensation and promised to sort it out made me another appointment for two weeks time another no show icrang again andcwas asked if ivwanted to just leave it I was not happy . They made me another appointment for two weeks time promising to make sure the job was completed which was yesterday nobody came again I have rang them todayvan im waiting for sombody to get bk to me . On four of these appointments I have hadcto take time of work so I have lost wages due tovtheir incompetence .this situation is ongoing and very stressful I would appreciate yr involvement to try and resolve this issues

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