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Christine's complaint against Scottish Power

Christine Waite


I have been hounded and harrassed for nearly 4 years

Complaint against Scottish Power

At the end of 2013 I logged onto my computer and although I was with British Gas I decided to do a price comparison with three energy suppliers. Then I received a telephone call from British Gas asking if I was not happy with their service as Scottish Power were trying to take my Duel Fuel account from them, as I paid by direct debit there is always an outstanding balance on my account and this would have to be cleared for me to move suppliers. I explained that I had not instructed them to do this and I was happy to stay with British Gas. I thought that would be that. Not so I received a letter in the post from SP saying they could not take my Gas account as I owed a balance. I immediately contacted BG again and they said my first thing to do was to contact SP by telephone and email and tell them they were erroneously trying to remove me from BG. This I did and was told that everything was sorted they apologised and again I thought everything was fine. I continued to supply BG with my meter readings and continued to be a BG customer and I have every gas and electricity bill to prove this. One year later I received a bill from SP for £600 odd pounds and was told I had to pay this. The next thing I had a debt collector call me, after I explained everything and said I had proof that I was with BG and not SP she rang them, called me back and said it was a mistake and I would hear no more. Two years on and I have received one letter telling me as they have not billed me since 2013 they have given me £259.90 credit but I need to set up a payment system for my ongoing energy I am lost for words. In 2014 I sent copies of all my BG paperwork to Lynda Clayton by registered mail and she didn't have the decency to acknowledge this. I still have a copy of that letter. Also this week I have now received another bill for £401.95. I am at my wits end what a shambolic company, I have spoken to 4 different people who all assured me that this was a mistake on their part, I wrote to the Finance Director and they still persist, the fact they don't have any payment details for me speaks volumes. I just cant believe this has all started again. What sort of idiots do they employ.

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