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Complaint against Scottish Power

My working daughter with a 14 month old child has been involved for months with this company after asking for her power supply to be moved to a new meter and outside box in order for the house to be re-wired. They seem unable to make a date for it to happen, contradict one another, lie and seem unable to make their service work for themselves let alone customers. On one occasion, after saying that an 'emergency' appointments had been made, kept her waiting on the phone for 90 mins for confirmation and my daughter was then told the operative had gone home! She now has about 15 complaints waiting to be resolved and my guess is that when the meter box connection is done and power is restored, they will ask if the complaints have therefore been resolved - make me laugh. This is not the end of it: She paid for a service and needs to get what she paid for without all the games and deceit - ombudsman and MP are next on the list. She should not have to pay so much for such a shoddy service. This is the sort of thing that happens when you un-privatise a public service. I also think there are grounds to cancel the contract with no penalty.

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