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Anita's complaint against Scottish Power

Anita lucas


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Complaint against Scottish Power

we left Scottish power along while ago to go to first utility as they were cheaper we asked for a final bill and this seem to take a while until one day we received a letter to say if we don't pay an outstanding bill it would be transferred to a debt agency so we made an agreement to pay £200.00 off and then £40.00 a month via standing order the total bill was £645.00 paying £200.00 off meant we owed £445.00 Scottish power have confirmed they have received 5 months payment which adds to £200.00 leaving a balance of £245.00 last Monday we received a phone call from a debt agency saying we owed £331.00 and would like a payment plan set up or full payment ,we paid in full after complaining to Scottish power they have since confirmed we owed only £245.00 which means we are out of pocket thy also confirmed that the standing order was cancelled due to an error we are very angry at the way Scottish power have conducted themselves in this from not receiving a final bill to cancelling the standing order in error to transferring it to a debt collection agency which have fees without our knowledge we have never denied the bill and wanted to pay it and was paying it now we are not sure how to get our money back

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Anita lucas | | VERIFIED

We still have had no answer yet from scottish power direct from them or from them via you they were still expecting us to carry on the standing order payments until i explained we paid the bill off
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