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Mrs Kusam's complaint against Scottish Power

Mrs Kusam Sehgal


Overcharged by £1,000 on a pay as you go meter!

Complaint against Scottish Power

My son and his fellow students lived at university accommodation last year and my son is named on the bill. In September he received a bill saying he owed Scottish Power £1,000. As he is now at a different house he gave Scottish Power authorisation for me, his mother to speak to them to resolve this. Scottish Power charged them around £200 for an electricity bill which, after 2 further calls, I managed to resolve and they agreed there should have been a zero balance but they are looking into his gas bill with an outstanding £1,000 balance. On 18 September I asked them to send all correspondence and copies of bill to my address. On 1 October they told me they had sent out the gas bill to my address. When I telephoned for the 4th time on 14 October because I had not received anything they told me they could not discuss the bill as they had no authorisation from my son, even though I had discussed it four times previously with them!! They would not let me speak to a supervisor and terminated my call!! They had infact changed the meter early in the new year and not checked the meter readings or allocated my son's payments to the correct account. I can see this from a bill I have seen but Scottish Power just cannot seem to grasp this fact!!! I cannot see how you can owe more than £5 on a pay as you go meter, something he checked with them when starting the contract and something I again checked when I made a general enquiry last month. The issue is still ongoing with their complaints department. They do not seem to be interested in resolving their error and are very arrogant when speaking to you. I am totally disgusted by their service.

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