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Stacey's complaint against Scottish Power

Stacey Arling


Please let me leave your service!!!!!

Complaint against Scottish Power

We moved house on 13th January 2015. Changed suppliers to British Gas due to Scottish powers previous abismal service. Waited for last bill to settle up and done...........Nope!! Got a bill for £300+ for a months worth of energy! Got letters demanding final payment....with a different account number on? Got told everything has been sorted! Got told by British Gas that Scottish Power were being difficult in handing the account over! Got told we were still being supplied Gas but not electricity by Scottish Power! Got a lovely but very unwanted welcome to your new Scottish Power pack! Now have two accounts! Possibly three as the account for our old address has not been 100% confirmed as closed. I just want an accurate bill based on my actual meter readings and then all of my details disposed of and to never be contacted by Scottish Power EVER again!!!

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