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Andy's complaint against Scottish Power

Andy Dingwall


Scottish power. Appalling service.

Complaint against Scottish Power

I had been a customer prior to 2013 and went with Scottish power when we moved house in September 2013. Firstly they installed a two tariff meter in error on their part. This prevented me from gaining a more copetative tariff elsewhere. It took them two years to register the meter in the national deta base which only happened when I went to drittish gas for my gas and electricity. The customer service is appalling . I have had well over 40 call to them and never speak to the same person twice. They promise to call me back but this is just a fob off by them as they never do. I finally had a call from debt recovery as they were charging me in a meter which they had removed and to this date they have still not managed to sort my bill, these are just made up on the hoof and have been challenged for the last three years. Utter incompitance from the customer service. There have been a couple of people who have given me some assurance that they will address the issue but constantly some other person sends out a threatening letter. I have made it very clear I am happy to pay whatever I am due but they can never get this right. My only option, I feel is to let them take me to court to get someone to deal with this. The stress on my wife who has been ill and on myself with this drip torture seems to go on and on. Please please do not deal with Scottish power there are other companies such as British Gas who have been superb in all my dealings. I hope Scottish Power reads these reviews and gives me a call to finally allow me to pay what I am due and to sever all my ties with this despicable company. ANdy Dingwall

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