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Sarah's complaint against Scottish Power

Sarah Zahra


Scottish Power cancelled my direct debit & moved me to pre-pay gas without my consent! Disgusting!

Complaint against Scottish Power

I would like to complain about the awful customer service from Scottish Power. I have been on a fixed tarriff since August 2014. I have ALWAYS paid for both gas and electric via direct debit. This was set at an initial £126.19 and then changed to £80 in Dec 2014. I have continued to pay by direct debit until June 2015 when I spoke to Scottish Power as my fixed tariff was up for renewal. I was told that my direct debit would go onto the October 2016 fixed tariff and would be £63 a month. I agreed to this. A few of my direct debits were lower but I was told in the June phonecall that I was in credit which is why this would happen. Therefore, I did not question it. I also received a message on my online account in both March and June saying my direct debit would be £27 for BOTH gas and electric. I am due to go on maternity leave next week so I checked my direct debits on my online banking to ensure my finances were in order and realised that the Scottish Power direct debit had been deleted. I immediately called Scottish Power on Friday 25 September and was advised that this would be looked into and rectified asap and I would be contacted the w/c 28 September and the direct debit would be set back up. I heard nothing. I have since made several calls attempting to sort this out. Each time (apart from the time the phone was put down on me - and no attempt made to call me back) I was told this would be "investigated" and I would receive a call the next day - again empty promises. In today's call (1 October 2015) I was told that there was no record of the call I had last night with someone called Hayley whereby I was told my direct debit would be set back up at £63 to include gas and electric and I provided my meter serial number as requested. There is no record of any of this apparently. My online account is a complete shambles. I am being told I owe £68.62 (payable on 29 Sep) but there is no option online for me to make this payment and quite frankly I do not want to make a payment over the phone as I cannot trust that Scottish Power will make record of it. I have been asked AGAIN to call in this evening with my meter serial number and been told AGAIN that this will be investigated. I was also told on today's call that I may just be hit with a big bill in December and I will have to raise it then. NOT good enough. Particularly when I have been a good customer for over a year and this is through no fault of my own. I am 8 months pregnant and this level of stress is really not needed. I have been told by Scottish Power that my gas is now pre-pay - it's not and never has been! I cannot see how this problem can be rectified given Scottish Power never seem to have a clue what is going on with my account. To have a direct debit cancelled without my approval and my account mishandled in this way is utterly disgusting. Please can you advise how this can be rectified. I left Eon and British Gas to come over to Scottish Power and cannot explain how much I regret this decision.

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