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robert's complaint against Scottish Power

robert nicholas


unable to switch from scottish power due to unresolved meter issue

Complaint against Scottish Power

on 7/3/2016 i decided to change my gas ans electric supplier from scottish power to first utility...unfortunately first utility contacted me to say they could not effect the switch since the meter serial number on my electric meter did not match the national data base..the problem was soon apparent...there are 4 houses in the development known as the hamptons..i am at number 1 but for some reason the national data base shows my electric meter being at number 4 and vice versa....i was told this would take 2 weeks to resolve and i was scheduled to receive a phone call on 21/3/16 to update on the call received.......thereafter numerous very lengthy telecons from myself to resolve this culminating with a complaint made by myself (8009805340)...thereafter i have done everything possible to assist including sending photos of both meters....i am unable to tell you how much time and how many phone calls i have made but in terms of hours spent then it is well in excess of 30 hours...todays call is currently in excess of one hour and whilst i type is still ongoing!!..the current situation is that scottish power have somehow now managed to remove my address from the national register so once again i cannot switch...this is a nightmare and the level of incompetance from scottish power beggars belief...please help me resolve this.

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