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Polly's complaint against Scottish Power

Polly Simonds


[RESOLVED] - Won't return hundreds of pounds of credit, on a closed account, and are ignoring all contact.

Complaint against Scottish Power

I closed my account with Scottish Power over 3 weeks ago, with over £300 credit left in the account. When I asked them to return this to me, they said there was a problem with the meter readings, that they would have to explore. I've sent dozens of emails, with photos of meter readings across my tenancy (including an official move-in inventory), all of which get an automatic reply saying I'll hear more in 5 or so days. I never do. I've also made dozens of phone calls, which generally involve spending at least an hour getting passed around and put on hold, before the call gets disconnected, and I have to start the process again. When I tried to make an official complaint, they said no one in the complaints department was available, and they would schedule a call back at lunchtime the following day. This, to no surprise, never happened. I also contacted them via twitter, was told to provide my details in a DM which I did. This was then, also, ignored. To add insult to injury, funds are also being removed from my credit. So the readings can't be trusted to return my credit, but can apparently to charge me for a house I no longer live in.

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Scottish Power resolved this complaint

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Polly Simonds | | VERIFIED

The day after I spoke to A Spokesman Said, I was contacted by Scottish Power to say my complaint had been resolved, they were sending a cheque for my credit, plus a bit more to say sorry. Thanks!
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