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Richard's complaint against Scottish Power

Richard Bayston


Wrong bills for years - now chasing for money we don't owe

Complaint against Scottish Power

Scottish Power provided the gas and electricity at my old house. I lived there three years. They sent wrong bills and duplicates for all that time, including bills showing over £1000 in energy consumption in a single quarter. Finally after years of phone calls and disputes including harassment from debt collectors they admitted their error. They sent a letter guaranteeing that I wouldn't be asked to pay anything older than six months before the date of a correct bill. They still haven't sent a correct bill and are now chasing me for something like £4000 they say I owe them. They have offered a £100 goodwill payment which I refused. After misleading, lying, seeking money I don't owe them and the worst customer service I have ever seen or heard of I can understand why they're one of the least popular companies in the country. I'd expect to see any debt written off and compensation offered.

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