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amy's complaint against SSE

amy henderson


stopped sending bills after oct 2018 then sent a demand for £1000

Complaint against SSE

I have been with SSE energy for 4 years both gas and electric and was paying quarterly bills.I had no problems until oct 2018 when they just stopped sending me any electric bills and actually said on my account i was £30 in credit.I heard nothing from them then i recieved a final demand in january saying i owed nearly £1000 even though my electric account still said i was in credit and i had recieved no bill or letters or anything prior to this. I worked out my energy usage and i wouldve owed them roughIy £400 incl previous debt from previous months. I phoned up to ask why my account hadnt been updated since oct 2018 which no one still to this day has given me an explanation for and was still in credit.Staff are useless and rude and demanded i make a payment plan for a bill which i had never recieved and my account still said £30 credit i asked why and was told they didnt know what i was talking about.Time and time again i have complained to sse and demanded an explantion but have never recieved one.I ended up setting up a payment plan in feb 2019 as i was scared and confused. I made payments up untill may 2019 by then i had roughly paid £500 then switched both my gas and electricity to bulb energy which SSE allowed me to change electricty account with NO problems so i assumed all debt had been paid off and they stopped me from switching my gas account as i still owed them £100. Just recently i recieved a final bill from sse stating i owe them over £ 1000 electricity but if i had actually owed them any money at all i wouldve not been able to switch my account as had happend when i tried to switch gas while still owing money. They have now procceded to add the £1000 on to my gas bill even though i only use hot water and havent switched the heating on since march. I am now trapped with this awful company and have no idea what to do. Please stay away from this company i have done nothing but stress and suffer because of them.

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