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"Does my energy supplier frack?" Find out here

Tom Bailey

Tom Bailey
Jun 26, 2017

Fracking is a controversial topic.

For some, it is a great new source of cheap energy; for others, a threat to the environment.

Many UK domestic consumers want to avoid using energy generated from fracking.


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If that includes you, have a read through this guide.

We’ll explain which energy companies use fracked energy and which do not.

Once you know who fracks and who doesn’t, you can look into changing your suppliers using our online comparison tool.


Energy companies that do not frack


Bulb’s position on fracking is as clear as day.

To quote its website, “we're firmly opposed to fracking.”

The company doesn’t think fracking is worth it, adding: “at best, it’s a red herring, at worst an environmental and public health disaster."

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Octopus Energy

Octopus Energy is big on renewables: the solar farms it has funded generate 40% of all the UK’s large scale solar energy.

Needless to say, it's not particularly keen on fracking.

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Ecotricity hopes to provide members of the British public that aren’t too hot on fracking with an alternative.

“We’re giving people the chance to be conscientious objectors on this issue,” Ecotricity founder Dale Vince has said. 

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Good Energy

If you’re into the environment, you’ll feel good about Good Energy.

Its fuel mix is 100% renewable electricity and green gas. So that rules out any energy derived from fracking.

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LoCO2 Energy

Founded in 2009, LoCO2 Energy has three tariffs, each with different amounts of renewable energy.

Their greenest tariff is 100% renewable, while their “low carbon” tariff is 50% renewable.

None of the tariffs included shale gas.

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Over the past six years, OVO Energy has built up a customer base of aroumd half a million.

Any greens among that 500,000 or so will be pleased to know that the company does not buy any of its energy from fracking or shale gas producers. 

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Energy companies that do frack

British Gas

The UK’s largest energy provider has committed to fracking in a big way.

Centrica, British Gas’s parent company, has invested heavily in the technology.

Back in 2013 it signed an agreement with Cuadrilla Resources to acquire a quarter of the firm's exploration licence in Lancashire.

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The German energy company has been involved with fracking projects for a number of years now.

It hasn’t necessarily filtered down in price though.

Earlier this year E.ON raised the cost of a duel-fuel tariff by 9%.

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Scottish Power

THe tartan-clad supplier has no bones with fracking.

Although later to the party than other energy suppliers, Scottish Power began explorations for shale gas back in 2014.

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SSE was one of the first of the UK’s energy companies to get in on the fracking game.

And they have never, as far as we know, looked back.

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As the UK’s natural gas reserves in the North Sea dwindle, EDF views shale, or “unconventional gas”, as it calls it on its website, as a possible way to help meet Britain’s future energy needs.

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Npower recognises the potential danger fracking can cause. However, according to their Director of Markets & Innovation, Wayne Mitchell, “if done properly, shale gas extraction can be safe.”

Let’s hope the fracked energy Npower sells is included in that.

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