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Auto-switching services might actually make your energy bills MORE expensive - here’s why

Peter kelly
Mar 6, 2020

They’re meant to make things easy and save you cash - but they aren’t always as reliable as you think.

Sometimes things sound a little too good to be true. Energy auto-switching services promise the world: they’ll save you money, without you even having to lift a finger.


The whole premise is that they keep shifting you from energy provider to energy provider, always ensuring that you’re getting the best possible deal available to you. Except sometimes, they don’t.

According to Citizens Advice, some auto-switching services only monitor fifteen of SEVENTY available providers, meaning that there could be a fair few juicy deals you’re missing out on.

That means that despite these sites promising to always put you on the best deals, some customers actually end up spending £70 MORE on their energy than they would have done had they shopped around and done the research themselves.


Even more concerningly, Citizens Advice point out that some auto-switchers are actually providing unreliable or unclear information to their customers.

Citizens Advice are calling on the government to use the upcoming White Paper to regulate third party energy firms, including auto-switchers, to try to improve things.

They are concerned that the lack of regulations could leave consumers at risk.


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