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Toto Energy Review

Fred Isaac

Fred Isaac
Mar 29, 2017

Forget the American rock band or Dorothy’s canine friend in The Wizard of Oz, gas and electricity is the new frontier for things named Toto.

In 2017, a year marked by rampant energy price rises, Toto Energy has snuck into tables of the market’s cheapest deals.


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The Brighton-based supplier says it works with local co-operatives to offer customers cut-price gas and electricity (could anything be more Brighton than this sentence explaining how Toto keeps costs down: “We ride bicycles, not private jets – bring! bring!")

On its jazzy, Roy Lichtenstein-esque website, Toto claims it is cheaper than the Big Six because it doesn’t spend big money on advertising. UK-based call centres are another plus.

A big ‘but’: although Toto says they “run a tight ship”, it still buys gas and electricity at wholesale cost.

Wholesale prices have been volatile and are feared to rise this year; it wouldn’t come as a shock if Toto was forced to hike prices, following moves from independent rivals like First Utility and Robin Hood Energy.

The best way to find out if Toto can save you money is by comparing energy deals online for free.


Toto Energy tariffs

We like the simplicity of Toto’s offering.

A search for a quote for a four-bedroom family home in London, with typical usage, returns two options: TOTO Discount Variable Saver and TOTO Evergreen Saver.

Here are the key details:

TOTO Discount Variable Saver

* Mild exit fee of £10 per fuel
* No contract and no end-date
* Variable, so prices go up and down
* Payment by smart direct debit

With an estimated yearly price of £858.66 for our test home, this deal may seem tempting.

When compared to the average British Gas standard tariff, Toto claims it can save you £201 (but we all know standard plans are a rip off).  

A word of warning: the tariff is variable, meaning you have less protection against higher market prices than if you took out a fixed deal. With almost every major supplier hiking prices in 2017 in the face of higher wholesale costs, Toto’s Variable Saver is a bit of a risk.

 TOTO Evergreen Saver

* Variable, so prices go up and down
* Payment by smart direct debit
* Estimated annual cost of £969.28
* Free Toto smart meter and in-home display

Toto’s tariffs are all online-only, so if you’re not comfortable with managing utilities and payments on the internet, it may be best to shop around for a more suitable deal.  

Toto does not currently offer the Warm Home Discount.


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What about Toto Energy’s customer service?

For now, the jury is out on Toto’s customer service.

The supplier hasn’t yet submitted complaints data to the energy regulator Ofgem, so it’s hard to draw any conclusions. A quick search on Toto Energy reviews might give you an initial idea though.

Judging from Toto’s website, the onus seems to be DIY gas and electricity.

The My Account service allows customers to view usage and make changes at home to save energy and money.

We’ll be keeping a closer eye on Toto’s customer service and will update when we know more.

The big challenge for Toto is to maintain a decent level of service as it grows and adds customers by flogging bargain energy deals.

If you’ve got a problem with Toto, you can call them between 9am and 6pm, Monday- Saturdays on 0333 210 7070 or email [email protected].

You can also lodge a complaint or review with A Spokesman Said. We’re in your corner.


Toto Energy green credentials

Toto boasts that, because it’s 100% paperless, you can “save the trees and some cash” switching to it.

But that’s about as far as it goes for eco promises.

For a company based in renewables-obsessed, tree-hugging hotspot Brighton, that’s pretty disappointing.

The supplier has yet to release its fuel mix disclosure, which shows exactly where it sources its electricity from. Once it has done so, we’ll have a clearer idea how green it is.

For now, it’s safe to say it’s lagging behind renewable energy pioneers like Ecotricity (read our Ecotricity review here) and OVO Energy, you can read our OVO Energy review here too.


Toto Energy Smart flexi saver

As well as the standard forms of payment, prepay and monthly direct debit, Toto offer an interesting option called smart flexi saver.

This basically allows customers to set up a regular, manageable payment and top-up if you use more energy than usual.

It turns your gas and electricity order into something resembling a weekly shop.

A regular weekly payment covers youmost of the time and you can top-up that payment when you use more.


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