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Ebico Energy Review

Robin Bowman

Robin Bowman
Mar 29, 2016

It’s hard not to like Ebico.

It really is a different offering in the energy marketplace as it’s the country’s only energy social enterprise, which means it is not out to make a profit. Which makes our Ebico review a bit different.

Founded in 1998, it can hardly be classed as one of the newcomers on the energy scene –although it’s certainly one of the little guys.


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So, if it’s not after a profit, what is it doing?

As it has no shareholders, it is able to focus on helping those affected by fuel poverty.  It does this by using any financial surpluses to “support local hands-on projects in fuel-poor neighbourhoods via the Ebico Trust”, which is the company’s registered charity.

So, although they don’t make a profit, they do generate a ‘surplus’ from selling energy.

The company aims to supply British households with “fairer, attractively priced energy. In addition, we provide plans tailored to the needs of financially vulnerable customers on pre-payment meters. That is what we mean by Power for Purpose.”

Ebico is based in Oxfordshire and supplies energy to over 60,000 UK households. 

Energy sold via Ebico is supplied by SSE, which provides both the energy and manages customers’ accounts.  

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Ebico Tariffs

As you might expect from an outfit with worthy aims, Ebico has transparent and simple tariffs.

There are zero standing charges.

You pay the same price no matter how you pay, so no discounts for direct debits.

There are no exit fees.

There are 14 supply regions, which offer different prices, so to find out what you would pay by switching to Ebico, you will need to check.

The company has two long-standing price plans, EquiGas and EquiPower. 

The important feature about these tariffs is that they are designed to benefit low energy users and pay-as-you-go customers. So, if you are an average or higher user, you may find you’re better off elsewhere –certainly if you’re considering price alone.


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What do customers say about Ebico? 

In a nutshell, customers like this company.

It ranks fourth out of all 22 energy companies, as reviewed by almost 9,000 customers by Which? last year.

The company scored four stars in all categories – customer service, value for money, accuracy and clarity of bills and helping customers save energy.

Where they didn’t score at all was in the category of how well they handled complaints – because there weren’t any in the sample!

You can’t ask for better than that!

In addition, Ebico was the quickest to answer the phone when customers called – of all energy companies. On average, they took just 31 seconds. That compares with 26 minutes for Extra Energy and just under 10 minutes for SSE.

Ebico doesn’t use automated call machines and it was also fastest in the same survey in 2013, 14 and 15.

To our mind, that’s a big plus.

undefinedEbico customer service - rated very highly

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Ebico green credentials

If you like to choose your energy provider based on it doing its bit for the environment as well as price, then you’ll want to know where Ebico gets its fuel from.

Where Ebico gets its energy from:

* 37% Renewable
* 31% Coal
* 27% Natural Gas
* 3% Nuclear
* 2% Other


Ebico online offering

Ebico only offers online account management through its energy supply partner, SSE.

To manage your account in this way, you have to go to a separate site, which varies according to your geographical area. There you register with SSE and can view bills, submit meter readings and make payments.

undefined Ebico - has a lot going for it


Why choose Ebico?

Ebico has a lot going for it. Our Ebico Energy review is overwhelmingly positive. 

It’s offering is simple and clear. And if its ethical approach appeals, then you might feel they offer the right choice for you.

But you have to run the numbers:

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Our view – Pros and cons


* Clear and simple tariffs.
* One unit rate no matter how much fuel you use.
* No standing charge.
* No exit fees.
* Great customer service and superb call answering times!
* Good prices if you’re a low user. 
* Ethical aims to help people who find it hard to meet their energy needs. 


* Definitely much more expensive for average to high energy users.
* No discount for paying by direct debit.
* Your supply, ultimately, will only be as reliable as its ultimate supplier – and that is SSE, so it could be Southern Electric, Swalec, SSE or Scottish Hydro, depending on where you live


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