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iSupply Energy Review

Fred Isaac

Fred Isaac
Feb 22, 2017

iSupply Energy may be one of the new kids on the block, but it’s certainly made an impression.

The British-owned independent supplier, based in Bournemouth and launched in 2012, has become one of the fastest growing energy companies in the UK.


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iSupply, a branded trading name of licenced electricity supplier Energy Coop, like to keep things simple.

It says: “Quite simply, we want to help revolutionise the domestic energy market.”

As part of its revolutionary approach, iSupply promises it won’t bombard you with confusing discounts or cash back offers – just simple, low, honest pricing. Use our free tool to compare energy suppliers now and see if iSupply could save you money.

To deliver low cost energy, it refuses to splash out on customer service, passing on the savings to customers.  

Driving prices down is at the heart of iSupply’s philosophy and something we'll hit on in our review.

This is no frills energy and, whilst it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, there’s no denying it produces some very competitive tariffs.

So cast your eyes over our review and decide whether iSupply could become your supply.

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iSupply tariffs

iSupply offers individual gas and electricity tariffs and a duel fuel; these are split up into iFix and iVariable.

iFix: Prices are fixed for 12 months – you pay a flat fee for your energy based on a fixed unit rate and a daily connection charge. There is an exit fee of £30.

iVariable: Prices fluctuate throughout the year. You pay more in winter, but less in summer. Unlike the iFix, the iVariable has no exit fees.

Both options come with shared features including paperless billing and online account management, with Direct Debit the suggested form of payment.

iPreyPay: iSupply also offers a prepayment option which allows customers to top up a meter, but it’s likely to be a lot more expensive.


iSupply Energy prices

iSupply has previously claimed its iFix gas tariff is the cheapest for 78% of customers and the iFix electricity is cheapest for a whopping 83% of customers, although this has been called into question in recent months. 

The pound's devaluation since the Brexit vote has pushed up costs for smaller suppliers in particular, leading to price rises across the board.

In 2017, iSupply's tariffs had slipped out of a number of prominent lists of the market's cheapest deals. 


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Still, there’s little denying iSupply are cheap as chips. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal.

To get an accurate quote, you need to fill out a bunch of question about the type of house you live in and how much energy you use.

undefinediSupply has a good track record for keeping prices down


iSupply customer Service

iSupply doesn’t provide customers with the infrastructure available at bigger energy firms.

This is DIY customer service.

The onus is in you to manage your account – make payments, check statements, monitor usage etc – online. Which? gave it a customer review score of 58%, with 3/5 stars for accuracy and clarity of bills.

Between July and September 2016, iSupply received a fairly high 1,438 complaints per 100,000 customers, resolving just 11% of them within one working day. 

This means that, for the same period, it received more complaints per 100,000 accounts than smaller rivals including Co-op (656), Ecotricity (370) and the very impressive OVO (80). 

It did, however, do better than Utilita (3,368) and Utility Warehouse (1,785). As of February 2017, the most common issues for iSupply customers include billing errors, customer service problems and online account glitches. 

Think of iSupply as a self-service checkout at a supermarket.

The website is populated with a wealth of questions and answers; you select the problem relevant to you, getting more specific each time, before you find a solution. 

If you’re still struggling, you can contact iSupply customer service through their online message system. Or, if you want to make a public complaint, post on A Spokesman Said.

iSupply is skimping on customer service and, when things go wrong, you won’t have the same help available as you would at a larger, more established supplier.

So if you place a lot of importance on reliable service, you might want to think twice about iSupply.

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Online offering

Perhaps unsurprisingly, iSupply’s website isn’t pretty – but it’s very efficient and easy to understand.

There are no bells and whistles and the site is clear and well laid out.

We like the section on understanding your bills; an interactive picture lets you hover over different parts of the bill and find out what they mean.

iSupply does not currently have an app offering.


Green credentials

Renewable energy is not high on iSupply’s priority list.

Only 4.6% of its fuel is made up from renewables, compared to the UK average of 19.3%.

And it generates a massive 38.7% of its fuel from coal - again far higher than the national average (26.7%).

Let’s take a closer look at where iSupply gets its energy from.


iSupply fuel mix. Source: iSupply website

The purple segment represents ‘other fuels’ (6.3%) and the green 'renewables' (4.6%).

Whilst iSupply does offer a feed-in-tariff option, where customers make money by installing solar panels, it remains one of the least eco-friendly suppliers on the market.

If sustainable power is important to you, it’s probably best you shop around. Read our Good Energy review if you're after a greener supplier.

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Our  iSupply review verdict

When it comes to price, iSupply is hard to beat.

But price isn’t everything and the limited customer service and lack of renewably sourced energy may put you off.


* Very competitive tariffs on both electricity and gas
*  A clear, uncomplicated approach to energy


* Exit fees on the popular iFix tariff
* Limited customer service
* Poor record on providing environmentally friendly fuel


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