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Daligas Energy Review

Fred Isaac

Fred Isaac
Nov 3, 2016

Simplicity is the buzzword at practically every energy provider outside the ‘Big Six’.

It’s the same story with gas-only supplier Daligas – except they push the principal to the max.

They offer one product, at one price and with one payment method.

Launched in 2013, London-based Daligas claims its low overheads mean it can pass on the savings to customers in the form of cut-price gas.

The independent supplier, set up by a group of IT, marketing and energy industry experts, places transparency at the heart of its business.

But does it deliver?  

Have a read of A Spokesman Said’s review and decide whether you want to switch your gas to Daligas.


Daligas Tariffs

Daligas offer just one fixed and one variable Daligas One product:

One Fix Saver 16

* 12 months fixed term tariff
* No exit fees

One Standard Saver 16

* Variable tariff
* No exit fees
* No fixed term contract

Prices are fixed and you only pay for what you actually consume.

Daligas estimate the annual cost for both options at £346.95 for a normal UK household - it reckons you can save, every year, 10 to 15%, on your annual bill when you switch to them.

The company has a unique pricing model; the price per unit is the same (pence/kwh) wherever you’re from and however much energy you use.

And there’s one amount for monthly standing charges.

How they work out your bill is simple: Total Energy = Energy Consumption (Kwh x price) + Standing Charges.

Then they add VAT at 5% - that’s all there is to it.


Daligas - offer one simple tariff on a variable or fixed deal


Daligas green credentials

Daligas has yet to publish its fuel mix disclosure, so it’s difficult to say how eco-friendly the company is.

They certainly don’t seem too bothered by the kind of environmental projects funded and promoted by competitors like Green Star Energy and Places for People Energy.

There is very little information, if any at all, on the Daligas website about work it does in the community.


Online offering

The Daligas website is cold and techy – there’s no fancy design work and information is presented straight.

Some users may find the style unappealing but it does the job.

There’s a simple form to submit meter readings if you’re moving out, and customer service's details are easily available.

There’s no swish management portal, however, and Daligas don’t provide extensive energy guides to help you save or cut costs.

The site is all about efficiency.

Daligas want you signed up and receiving its energy – and that’s it.

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Daligas customer service

To offer such competitively priced gas, Daligas must, inevitably, have to scrimp and save in other departments.

Customers expecting truly top draw service will be disappointed.

But the company does well enough.

In Q3 of 2015, Daligas receieved 276 complaints per 100,000 customers, according to Ofgem data.

That means it had fewer unhappy customers for the same period than fellow small suppliers Flow Energy (338) and Ovo Energy (559).

So not great, but not too bad.

Interestingly, considering Daligas' promise on a seamless switch, the most common source of complaints was delays in switching.

You can make a complaint about Daligas using A Spokesman Said’s free tool.


Daligas customer service is on a par with its competitors - source: Daligas website


Making a payment to Daligas

Daligas only has one payment option – direct debit.

Whilst paying by direct debit is the cheapest method, and offers protection under the Direct Debit Guarantee, customers may not like being limited.

Daligas offers customers a Budget Billing Plan (BBP), which calculates your annual total gas bill based on last year's usage or, if that's not known, the size of your house.

This total amount is then divided into 12 equal instalments that you pay every month by direct debit - meaning you won’t get the shock of a huge bill in winter.

The BBP means you know exactly what you can expect to pay and when, and helps you budget accordingly. 

Daligas sends monthly statements showing your payment against the BBP installment. 

Like any supplier, it must give 14 days’ notice of any changes to the date or amount of your direct debit.

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Recent news

Daligas recently published its Tariff Information Labels in response to an Ofgem intititive. 

The labels clearly lay out the tariff details and promote greater clarity for energy consumers.


Our verdict


* No exit fees mean you can leave for free
* Equal monthly payments mean you know how much you will pay and when payments are due
* Cheap gas prices
* Simple pricing: same cost per unit and standing charge for people in all areas of the UK
* Focus on transparency – clear price plan and no deposit required


* Limited payment options
* Average customer service
* Sparse website

Article details were correct at time of publication. 


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