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LoCO2 Energy Review

Fred Isaac

Fred Isaac
Jun 1, 2016

Founded by eco-conscious entrepreneur Dr Bob Middleton in 2009, LoC02 supplies energy to British households using its ten hydropower stations.

The company’s motto is ‘sustainable energy, at sustainable prices’.

It’s certainly an attractive option for customers look to switch.

We’re talking about a small, independent supplier that actually generates its own electricity. 

LoCO2 even have an ethical company award from the Ethical Company Organisation.

These guys are do-gooders and have got the badge to prove it.

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Let’s take a closer look at what LoCO2 are all about.


LoCO2 tariffs

LoCO2 currently offers two core tariffs – the jazzily named ‘Planet’ and ‘Pocket’ plans, which are available for either duel fuel or just electricity.

Planet tariff:

The Planet tariff is LoCO2's premium option.

It may be expensive, but it’s also great for, you guessed it, the planet.

An impressive 100% of its electricity is renewable, sourced from LoCO2’s own hydropower sites and topped up with wind, solar and biofuels.

Duel Fuel customers are supplied with 90% natural gas and 10% Biomethane.

All in all, if you’re looking to erase your carbon footprint, this tariff is a very good option.

Pocket tariff:

If you care about the environment, but are also conscious of price, LoCO2 offer the Pocket tariff.

It’s still fairly green, generating 50% of its power from renewable electricity and the rest from low carbon natural gas.

But, it's not as eco-friendly at the Planet tariff. 

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Both options are available as fixed 12-month or variable plans.

Fixed options will protect you against wholesale price hikes. Your monthly bill will still go up or down depending on your usage, but the cost of the energy will not change.

Variable customers will see their bills rise or fall in line with market prices.

Top Tip: There are no cancellation fees for LoCO2 variable tarrifs, but leaving a fixed tariff will cost you £25. Worth bearing in mind.


Green credentials

Supplying homes with cleaner energy is at the heart of everything LoCO2 does.

But do they deliver?

Here’s a breakdown of the company’s electricity fuel mix from last year:


LoCO2 fuel mix. Source: LoCO2 website


You can see that, compared to the UK average, LoCO2 are very environmentally friendly indeed.

Whilst LoCO2 is not set to publish its Ofgem approved fuel mix until October, it promises 10% of its gas comes from Biomethane.

Produced from organic material, Biomethane is 100% renewable.


Online offering

The LoCO2 website is fresh, colourful and simple to navigate.

Handy guides on anything from direct debit to understanding your bill are clearly laid out and written in layman’s terms.

The ‘existing customers’ section allows you to do all the usual things: make payments; update meter readings and give details if you’re moving home.

It’s all very good and gets a big thumbs up from us.


LoCO2 customer service

One of the benefits of using a smaller supplier can be warmer customer service.

This is certainly true of LoCO2, which operates its own in-house call centre and promises customers they will always be put through to an advisor who can help.

Between July and September 2015, LoCO2 received 253 complaints per 100,000 customers, meaning it performed better than rivals Daligas (276), Flow Energy (338) and Ovo Energy (559).

The most common gripes so far this year have centred, unsurprisingly, on billing.

In January this year, LoCO2 received just 175 complaints per 100,000 customers – a massive decrease on the figure of 403 from the same time last year.

When we called LoCO2 we were connected in a very impressive 26 seconds!

It’s not all good news, however; the number of complaints resolved in one working day went down from 72% in 2011/12 to 68% in 12/13.

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Making a payment to LoCO2

As with most suppliers, LoCO2 offer the full range of payment options - from direct debit, standing order or payment on receipt of bill.

You can also pay through the online portal.

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Recent news:

On the 20th May, LoCO2 announced it now sources 10% of its gas from Biomethane.

Sales Manager Fiona Bond said: "We are delighted to announce the introduction of 10% Biomethane into our gas fuel mix. By making this step we can lower the CO2 footprint of our customers and continue our investment in the UK renewable energy industry"


Our verdict:


* Low carbon energy produced by the company’s own hydropower stations
* Effective customer service
* Simple and easy to use website


* Unlikely to be the cheapest on the market


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